Everyone has to prove to his generation that God is wonderful "in our day." Moses had to prove to the people that God was not only a great God in Adam’s day, but He was alive in his day also. Elijah proved to the false prophets that God was wonderful in his day. Elisha showed the people that God did not die when Elijah was translated. Jesus was continually proving to the Pharisees that God was still alive in His day. Peter and John were faced with the same job. The religious people were willing to believe that Jesus could perform miracles back in A.D. 30, but they wanted to stop Peter and John if they preached that He was still merciful. They proved that "His mercy endureth to all generations." They showed the sick and suffering people that God was still mindful of them, that He was still truthful and compassionate. Paul, as one born out of due season, was constantly on the alert, trying to break down the tradition of the elders that made the Word of God of none effect in men’s lives. He showed that the power of God did not pass away with Jesus and the Twelve.

Stephen proved to his generation that the mercy of Jesus did not die with the apostles. He was not an apostle. Yet signs and wonders followed his preaching. Ananias, who was only an obscure saint, proved to his hearers that God could still open blind eyes. Luke, who wrote one of the main Gospels, was not an apostle. James, who was inspired to tell the people to call for the preacher when they were sick, was not an apostle.

Religious leaders of today justify themselves by saying, "I know He was wonderful when He was on earth. He will be wonderful during the millennial reign. But at the present time, do not expect Him to do anything for you."

People are looking for Him Now. They will not come to a Christ Who had power at one time, but lost it. They are not interested in a Christ that will be wonderful in the "Kingdom Age," but is not mindful of them now - today in the day when we are living, People will not stop for deliverance. Their feet will go "pity, pat, pity, pat," right on down to the clubs, unions and lodges. They will consider your church on the level with any other organization. They have no time for a dead Christ who could help at one time, but who can’t offer any assistance for our present distress.

The people need to be taught that Jesus died on the cross for more than our preaching pretty sermons and singing beautiful songs of a Christ of the "good old days." He died on the cross for people’s deliverance. He is mindful. He cares more for you than a mother does for her baby, Isaiah 49:15. He is ready to help you.

God’s time is now. He is ready now. You are not waiting for Him. He is waiting for you to get ready. You say, "I will be healed when He gets ready." But you will be healed when you get ready.

Jesus is the Great I Am. In the midst of His greatest opposition, Jesus said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, before Abraham was, I am."

The religious group organized against Him. They gave Him some trouble. The devil does not like for you to say that God can do anything now.

In John 8, Jesus embarrassed some religious leaders who were a holy sect of their day. He told them that the one who was without sin should cast the first stone at a sinful woman. They quietly stole away. Then He got their member saved, which always makes certain nominal leaders angry.

They did not believe that one could live without sin. Jesus showed them that they were sinners. Then He forgave their member’s sin.

Jesus claimed something more than church membership. He told the Jews that God was His Father. He told them that they were children of the devil.

These religious leaders waxed bold and told Jesus that He was an illegitimate child and a false prophet. They said He had a devil and was not even a Jew. All this made them very angry, but when He told them that His name was "I Am," they picked up stones and tried to kill Him.

He is "I Am." All the people who are not Pharisees believed that. His name is not the "Great I can be." He is not the "Great I use to be." He is not the "Great I am able to be." He is not the "Great I am if I take a notion." He is not "The Great I will be someday." He is the Great I Am!. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, Hebrews 13:8. He has never lost any of His power. He said, I’m the Lord that healeth thee, Exodus 15:26.

When Jesus said, "Before Abraham was I am," He was actually saying, "I am the Lord that healeth thee." He was saying, "I am the Great Physician." That is what showed the religious leaders up. That is why they got murder in their hearts That is why they were overcome with anger and prejudice. That is why they tried to kill Him.

God has no use for a pussyfooting preacher that soft-soaps the gospel. No preacher is called to sugar-coat the gospel. If you sugar-coat the gospel, they will off the sugar and spit out the part that would do them good.

Jesus taught to preach the gospel. Then after people are converted, we are to teach them even to the ends of the world, Matt. 28:19, 20. He set teachers in the church, Eph. 4:11. All of us should be teachers, Heb. 5:12. Faith comes by hearing, Rom. 10:17. Faith leaves by hearing the tradition of the elders, Matt. 15:6.

Jesus is alive and well, today!


Write me right now and tell me that you accepted Jesus and I will answer you personally. God bless you and your walk with Him.

Dr. J. Gardner


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