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The Discovery of a Scientific Proof of God
George Edwin Hammond
 copyright January 2000

  General Relativity and Psychometry yield the World's
    first scientific proof of the existence of God
Hammond has
discovered that:
God is caused by the
curvature of
Psychometry Space

   The discovery  was made three years ago by a physicist, George Hammond. We should mention that  Aristotle, Newton, Descartes, Leibnitz, Pascal  believed that there was a scientific proof of God. Modern science has rejected their proofs and the reason is obvious. There is no such thing as a "Philosophical" proof of God.
   A real proof requires enormous scientific data, a 100 years of data from the fields of Psychometry and General Relativity, so that today a real scientific proof of God is possible.

   The purpose of this letter is first to explain how the discovery was made.  Second,  to explain the discovery.  Third, to point out  why it  may be some time before this discovery is recognized, despite the fact that it is quite elementary by modern scientific standards.

   As to the first point; George Hammond a physicist (M.S. 1967), has spent 20 years studying Psychometry.  Above all else, we must stress the following point:

    ........ Hammond was not looking for a scientific proof of God.

   ........ The discovery was an accident.

   In 1982 Hammond was investigating the STRUCTURAL MODEL of Personality in Psychology. This is a time honored academic pursuit.  As the result of  beginners luck and the fact that Hammond is a Physicist, he succeeded  where others had failed.
  What he discovered is that the STRUCTURAL MODEL is a 3-Axis geometric cube because the human brain is in fact, a 3-Axis anatomical cube. The discovery of the STRUCTURAL MODEL was published in the peer reviewed literature (Hammond 1994). This discovery, because it identifies the 13-symmetry axes of a cube as the origin of all the known and published Factor Analytic Psychology models in a vast and well established  literature, is a powerful and undeniable confirmation of the scientific proof of God which is subsequently derived from it.

   After publishing the discovery of the STRUCTURAL MODEL, Hammond continued to probe Psychometry. Three years later, in 1997, Hammond discovered in addition to the 3-Axes of Personality; that Intelligence (IQ) formed a 4th Axis. Since IQ is known to be mental speed he immediately recognized this as a "time based dimension" whereas the other 3-Axes were already known to be "space based dimensions" (due to the 3-geometrical space axes of the brain). Hammond discovered that the 4 dimensions of Spacetime cause the 4 dimensions of Psychology.




Yes, the curvature of the 4x4 matrix of [ENPg] causes a single, lone, higher order factor- the "last factor" of Psychology. This factor is easily identified as Godů the God of  world religion- because it is caused by the Secular Trend in human growth.   Hence, what Hammond discovered. is that Einsteinian Gravity is the ultimate cause God.
  That brief chronology then, outlines how, when, where and why the scientific proof of God was discovered. Next we take up the second point, a specific description of the discovery itself.

  As I have said above, the discovery of a specific Factor has been made in Psychometry which we have reason to believe is "God".  First I will explain why we believe it is God, and then I will explain how this Factor is actually discovered.
  Basically, all we really know about "God" is the following:

      "God" is described in the Bible which is
    thousands of years old, and known to billions
    of living adherents of Religion, and billions
    more who have lived in the past.
      According to these sources, "God" causes
    the following phenomena and/or has the
    following properties:
1.  God is an all powerful force
2.  God is invisible
3.  God is singular and unique (supreme Deity)
4.  God supposedly has a human form.
5.  God can transcend the (known) Laws of Physics
6.  There is Polytheism vs. Monotheism
7.  There is the Crucifixion (Cross)
8.  There are Miracles and Revelation
9.  There is Heaven
10. There is the Creation
11. There is Kingdom Come
12. There is Prayer
13. There is Eternal Life
14. And There is everything else ever written
    about "God" and/or Religion.

   So what we see, is that if Science discovers something it thinks is "God", it must be able to convincingly explain all of the major points cited above.
  We will show, that is exactly what this discovery does, and therefore, it is the world's first known hard scientific proof of God.

   So what is this simple physical phenomena that explains what God actually is? Well, it can best be explained by drawing a picture. In Figure 1 (below left) we see a double man. This represents a man who is fully grown (the larger figure) and the same man who is physically stunted (the smaller figure). What we are talking about is a person who has has "failed to reach his full height and weight"; a case of stunted growth. IT TURNS OUT THAT THIS SIMPLE PICTURE REPRESENTS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US-- no one ever reaches his "full height and weight", in fact, every one of us is actually physically stunted to a more or less degree. The cause of this is well known, it is simply the ancient historical struggle for survival in which there has never been enough food clothing and shelter to go around. It is a universal condition. Every living thing on the planet suffers from growth stunting. Of course the situation is improving and religious authorities tell us that someday the world will reach a standard of living where everybody will achieve full physical growth. They speak of this as "Kingdom Come" and describe it as God descending from Heaven to Earth.  But, from the diagram, we can see that it is actually man growing up to full size- Man ascending physically from Earth to Heaven as it were.
   Incidentally, this foundation stone of the theory  is NOT a conjecture.  It is proven by one of the most massive bodies of evidence in biology where it is known as the   Secular Trend and the Flynn Effect   The SECULAR TREND is the well documented increase in height, weight, brain size and lifespan of the entire human population that was first noticed a century ago and is now one of the most studied effects by World Health Organizations.  Perhaps you have heard the story of how they noticed one day in a museum that no modern man could fit into a Medieval suit of armour because we are too tall.  This is a result of the SECULAR TREND.  The Flynn Effect is a component of this which is a  3 IQ point per decade increase in world intelligence measurements.  So remarkable is this Secular Trend in human growth that it has even made the front page of  Time Magazine (1996)So this "growth deficit" is one of the most well known and proven facts of biology.  Figure 1 is simply a graphical picture of the SECULAR TREND.  In short, the discovery of the SECULAR TREND, is the first and foremost piece of direct scientific evidence which explains, and proves, the existence of God.  Incidentally, it is necessary to point out that the Secular Trend in growth is NOT genetic, it is entirely caused by the rising world standard of living, mainly nutrition.  It is a sheer matter of physical "growth".

   The point is, that this condition affects the brain. The human brain never reaches full size because of it. In this century alone, due to increased world nutrition, the size of the human brain has increased by almost 4%.  The primary mental effect of a stunted brain is obvious. It makes us believe that, somewhere, there must be a perfect (i.e. full grown) person walking around. This person we call "God". Of course he is simply latent within our own body. Fact is, somewhere around 15% of our brain is missing. This causes us to  see only 85% (more or less) of reality. This gives us a funny feeling that somewhere "above us" is a perfect being who guides us.  It makes us feel as though "someone is looking over  us", which of course is true; since this partially grown 15% of our brain is still latent (subconscious) and is literally watching over us.  We call this 15% ungrown part of the brain that is "watching over us", GOD.  The effect of this, is to actually see, and even worship, a mysterious "supernormal force" which influences reality- which indeed it does.  This then, is the physical explanation of what "God" is.

   OK, how can this be proved? Well here is where we get into the scientific discovery. It turns out that the human body is a simple geometric machine. It is no accident that a horse has 4 feet the same as a car has 4 wheels. The human body is a machine.  The body has 3 structural axes and this causes the brain to have 3 structural axes (Figure 2). The fact that the brain has 3 structural axes causes Psychology to have 3 structural dimensions. In fact, when you take into account that the brain is a time varying system, you get 4 structural dimensions known to Psychometry as E,N,P,g  (g = IQ).   Therefore we see that the X,Y,Z,t of ordinary space-time are the direct physical cause of the four principle dimensions of Psychology, E,N,P,g (Extroversion, Neuroticism, Psychoticism, and Intelligence). These 4 -Psychology dimensions (eigenvectors) were discovered more than 50 years ago and can be measured today to two decimal point accuracy, using written and experimental tests and  Factor Analysis .  It is simply Hammond who has come along and discovered where they come from... namely that it is the geometry of the Brain, and therefore Space itself, that CAUSES them. This discovery was published by Hammond in the peer reviewed literature in 1994.

   The discovery that X,Y,Z,t of Physics causes the E,N,P,g of Psychology (Hammond 1994), leads us immediately to a scientific proof of God. The reason for this is twofold. First, since we have discovered that the Space-time Metric causes a Psychology Metric. We now know that there are exactly 4 metrical factors in Psychology. Since mathematically a 4x4 matrix can only have a single higher order factor (Thurstone's rule in Factor Analysis),  we have discovered that the whole of Psychology, axiomatically, ends in a single structural factor. The biological cause of this factor is easily shown to be the brain growth deficit discussed above.
    Since it is a highly unexpected and truly shocking fact to find that all of Psychology ends in a single axiomatic factor, the last and highest factor in Psychology, it becomes immediately suspect that this final factor is God (the God of the Bible for instance). To clinch the point, we then realize that the curvature of the space-time metric causes Gravity, and therefore since the space-time metric causes the Psychology metric, and the curvature of the Psychology Metric causes God; that it is Gravity that is the ultimate cause of God. Since Gravity is the central physical theory of all of science, we can allay any qualms whatsoever that in fact, we have discovered the scientific proof of God. That is; a hard science proof that a real God exists.

  So finally, we come down to a demonstration of how this discovery explains each and every one of the 13 item list that we took from history that describes God.  The following link to another page on this website gives in simple and brief format, the 13 answers to these 13 points:
I am sure you will want to read this (very short) page after you have finished reading this one.

    Now, this theory indicates that "Gravity" is the ultimate cause of God and that brain growth is the direct cause of God.  Therefore it also indicates that gravity mediates brain growth. Factor Analysis of course does not tell us how this works, it only tells us the it does.  Other scientific methods have to be used to find out "what gravity" is causing God.
  Interestingly, exactly this proposal has recently been advanced by one of the world's leading scientists. Sir Roger Penrose in a celebrated book Shadows of the Mind (1994), has advanced that Quantum Gravity controls brain function, and it would therefore control brain growth. As we see, my discovery serves to confirm his theory and vice versa. It also tells us that apparently we have not uncovered the complete theory of God.  We have only proved that "God exists".  Apparently, until the theory of Quantum Gravity is discovered we will not have a "complete theory of God".  In particular, we cannot answer the question of Life After Death.
   Nevertheless, without any doubt, this simple classical achievement of the World's first true "Scientific Proof of God" is certainly a sufficiently  miraculous event in itself to initiate a new and inspired age of civilization.

   Needless to say a full length book would be required to present the monumental physical evidence now supporting this result. The discovery of the STRUCTURAL MODEL alone is a historic achievement in its own right, and in turn is an overwhelming scientific confirmation that this discovery of a proof of God is actually true. Only the briefest summary of the complete evidence has been indicated here.
   Therefore, I am presently writing a book entitled The Scientific Proof of God which will be available in your book store sometime this year.

With that, my letter to you, telling you of this discovery is finished.  At least you will not be caught unprepared when an explosion of misinformation, argument and controversy over this discovery bursts onto the world stage. The message is,  that when the dust finally settles, the world will realize what a great miracle has occurred, and how much better our world will be, after Man finds out at last, that THERE IS A GOD.

George Hammond,  January 2000

For copies of my published papers see my Website:



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HAMMOND G.E. (2001) The Scientific Proof of God, HPpub, Boston
                                                 (to be released next year)
HAMMOND G.E. (1986) The Origin of the Cross, HPpub, Boston
                                                 (out of print, see my website for review)

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