MCAC Newsletter 06/28/02

Are You Tender or Are You Tough?
God is calling His Army!

There is a time to be tender and there is a time to be tough.
We need a tender heart and a tough will. We need a tender
conscience and a tough determination. We need a tender
inward man and tough outward man. We must be wise as serpents
and as harmless as doves.

1. We must endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.
We are instructed and commanded to do that in II Timothy 2:3.

2. George Washington's soldiers endured hardness. Many times
they walked through the snow with blood dripping from their
bare feet ... You could trail them by the blood. These loyal
soldiers were loyal to their country, no matter how tough the
going became. They hid behind stumps rocks, trees, rocks. They
were willing to fight to the last man. They did this for their

3. Soldiers in Vietnam fought in the cold. They fought guerrilla
warfare. They were rally tough. They endured hardness. They
didn't regard the cold, heat rain, heat, snow or anything
that got in their way. They go on just the same. If they can
do this for their country what can we do for God? A brave man
is not always a man that walks out in front of a shotgun. It
takes a brave man to die for his country, but it really takes
a brave man to live for God.

4. Soldiers in the Civil War were tough. They went without
food, clothes, necessities to be faithful to the
commander-in-chief. Civil War soldiers fought to the last man.
They fought for they thought was right. Will you endure some hardness?
Will you endure some things for what you know is right?

5. The soldiers in World War II endured hardness. At Pearl Harbor
they jumped from a sinking ship into water covered with oil. That
oil was on fire. They waved the flames back with their hands and
came to the top of the water long enough to get their breath and
then went back under that water again.
What kind of hardness have you endured for God?
Have you been too much a baby to stand up under a little criticism?

What does your Commander-in-Chief think of you?
Does he think you are soft?

7. Soldiers endure harness during maneuvers. If they did not endure
hardness they would be court martialed. They would never be trusted
to go to the front lines. Soldiers on maneuvers crawl under fire
eighteen inches about the ground. They even meet rattlesnakes, but
they dare not raise their heads. They are under strict orders to be
faithful. If they prove faithful, they are then trusted to go out to
battle. They may even get promoted.
Some Christians want to go out for God or pastor a church. They are too tender.
They would turn and run in the first battle. They have never been
faithful when under fire. They run when they meet their first persecution.
They are babies. They are not soldiers. They have never endured hardness.
They need a bottle. They cry on someone's shoulder. They cannot endure
hardship. These babies are spoiled. They have never taken orders and
probably never will. A soldier does not do as he pleases. He goes by the
Book of rules.

A soldier arrives on time. He goes to bed on time.

8. Paul endured as a soldier. he practiced what he preached. He was in the
ocean twenty-four hours. He suffered shipwreck, he received five public
whippings for Jesus. He usually stayed in a prison instead of a hotel.
His audience was usually a mob. False brethren crooked him continually.
The devil persecuted him day and night. Daniel was in the lion's den and God
shut the mouth's of the lions, but Paul fought the beasts at Ephesus.
He was even stoned to death for his Lord. He did not cry on someone's shoulder.
He was not moved with self pity and self sympathy. Paul went through a
thousand more things, yet he labored more abundantly than them all.
He could say, "None of these things move me." He said, "In all these
things we are more than conquerors." "His grace is sufficient."

9. A good soldier endures forever. He lives on. He does not die. He just
fades away. The Bible says that His mercy endureth forever. If you have the
real praise it will endure. It will grow stronger when Satan begins to fight.

10. A good soldier endures to the end. He/she may be faithful for forty years
and then be faithful to appear when he/she is "called" into the ministry.
He that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved.

11. A good soldier puts on the whole armour. He pulls off the old robe.
The Lord tells us to put off all these things - hatred, malice, envy and
strife. You must put off the old robe before you can put on the new robe.
The old man and the new man cannot be alive in you at the same time.
A soldier cannot do much fighting with just part of the armour. He has
every part of his body covered except his back. God does not expect us
to turn and run. If we do, the enemy will stab us in the back.

The Lord demands us to go into all the world to every creature, Mark 16:15.
God does not put things in the Bible to take up space. God sends you out as
a soldier to preach the Gospel to every creature.

12. A good soldier must do some pressing. Any dead fish can float down
stream. From the time of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven
is preached and every man/woman must press their way into it. You can never
do that with a slouchy, lazy spirit. You can never do anything without pressing.
The woman with an issue of blood pressed through and touched the hem of
Jesus' garment. She received virtue, life and healing. Anyone that does
anything worthwhile must press against the opposition.

Satan, our enemy, knows his time is short. He is waging an all out war
on Christians. If you have not been told this, you are not going to the
right church. Just yesterday in the Pledge of Allegiance, ONE NATION UNDER GOD
was removed, by a Federal Court Ruling. The children in Public Schools cannot
acknowledge the United States in One Nation Under God! There is more
than meets the eye here.

Soon, we will not be allowed to say "GOD"! It will become a crime.
We may be arrested and put in prison. The Bible said, Daniel was not
allowed to pray. When they caught him praying, they threw him in the Lion's

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Our strength is shown by the things we stand for, our weakness by the things we fall for.

The Lord will multiply the loaves and fishes, but He needs waiters.
Even a mosquito doesn't get a slap on the back until he starts working.

Ministers for Christ Assembly of Churches
Dr. J. Gardner


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