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Wednesday, 19-Jul-2000 13:28:48

Church and State     

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Subject: [patriots] Church and State
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2000 20:53:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Vin LunneyJr <>

The reason we have seperation of church and state is
so that we don't have government control over how we
worship like the do in England and every other Godless
country. The New Testament makes it clear that we have
to find our own way to God. We each have free will and
a soul that is our responsibility. A child's spiritual
growth, until he becomes sixteen and is a protected
under the law and is baptized and brought into the
faith is the responsbility of his parents and spirtual
leaders. There is nothing wrong with a school choosing
on it's own to start the day with a prayer but if we
take the oath of a allegence don't we violate the
constitution by going right to a prayer? What if jews
want to be included by having their liturgy read? Do
you really think people would be comfortable with
their kids coming home and quoting Budha or the I
What is important is to start holding people
accountable and not let liberals hid behind age or
race. If you are old enough to kill, assualt or rape
you are old enough to pay the price for it. You make
the choice you take the responsibiliy. Making
schoolprayers a law isn't going to change anything.
Are we saying that we should be governed by the ten
commandments along with the constitution? Having faith
and wishing to express is is commendable but we also
have to give it the place it deserves. It is a moral
guide for how to live your life not as a set of rules
for everyone else to follow.

Vin Lunney Jr.

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