"The Red-Coats are coming! The Red-Coats are coming!" The horse was running as fast as it could run. The man was crying at the top of his voice, "The Red-Coats are coming! Get ready!" If it was midnight. That is the reason history calls it, "Paul Revere and the mid-night ride."

The load was getting heavier and heavier! Then came the "Boston Tea Party" and the "Stamp Act." To add one more thing to the heavy load of taxes the British put on the Stamp Act to raise more taxes. That was when Patrick Henry made the famous speech and spoke those words that have been ringing down through the ages, "Give me liberty or give me death." I wish people had the "back-bone" to say the same thing today.

The midnight cry. It was midnight when the plagues came to Egypt. It was midnight when the Israelites were supernaturally delivered. It will be midnight when the Lord comes, Ezekiel 11 & 12.

Oh, no, it may not be what you call midnight. But Matthew 25:1-6 tells us it will be midnight.

The first days was up until Noah’s flood. The next two until the birth of Christ. And those days will be shortened. A thousand years of peace will be the seventh day. That is God’s plan. He is working to it.

The sixth day is over and gone! Darkness and gross darkness is covering the people. There will be seven years of night time, or tribulation days. I don’t know how far we are into that, but a diagram the scientists drew when the H bomb was made says it is three minutes until twelve. Job 34:20 says, "The people will be troubled at midnight." It also speaks of death.

The Revolution. The people did not sit idle. They heeded the warning. They loaded their guns. As the British marched, well trained, up the country that night they fell along the road. The battle was on! Months of bitter fighting went on and on.

It went on until the clothes and shoes wore out. George Washington’s army could be traced in the snow by the blood which came from their feet. On they keep fighting! They were determined. And because they were determined, they won the battle, and threw off the yoke. In spite of the hardships and poverty they were granted freedom. 

Independence was signed. John Hancock signed his name in large letters so the king of England could read it without his glasses. As they all signed it each spoke famous words of determination and victory. Thus our nation was set free.

You have whatever you sign your name to. The devil says you are under bondage. The Lord says you are free. If you sign what the devil says, you are signing your name to this: "You are not saved, you are just partly saved." If you sign what God says, you say, "The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me from ALL sin." I John 1:9.

The devil says, "You only got a touch, but you didn’t get your healing." God says, "I am the Lord that healeth thee." Exodus 15:26. Sign it.

Sign it and ring the liberty bell. They rang the liberty-bell so hard it cracked. If you will have the determination! If you will fight! If you will get in earnest! You do not have to sit and let the enemy put a heavy bondage on you. You don’t have to let the enemy come in and possess your property. Get some fight in you! Sign a declaration of independence after the victory. Make a constitution and go by it!

Liberty or death. Can you say that? The Bible is a perfect Law of Liberty, James 1:25. It will set you free if you say what it says, "By His stripes you are free" Isa. 53:5. He still sends His Word and heals people, Psalms 107:20. Glory! He still forgives sins! Believe it!

But you must say it! You have what you say, Mark 11:23. He that is of God says what God says, John 3:34. God says He heals all your diseases, Psalms 103:1-3, and 34:19. You must have a determination, Hebrews 11:6. You must get in earnest, James 5:17. If you will, you will get it, Jer. 29:13. 

If you have a mid-night in your soul. I feel like Paul Revere; I am sounding the Mid-night cry. Why don’t you be like Patrick Henry? Say, "Give me liberty or death is surely coming." Right now, revolt against the enemy which is binding you tighter all the time. Get some fight in you! Throw off the yoke! Sign the declaration of independence! Make a constitution! If you don’t over-come that, it is going to overcome you! You will get healed or death will overtake you! You will get saved or eternal death awaits you! Say, Liberty or death". Get liberty for your soul and body. God will turn your midnight into daylight, Mal. 4:2.