March 8, 1998

Be prepared when the beast begins to reign. It may not come when we expect it. BUT IT IS COMING! The main thing is to be prepared to escape all the judgments which are going to be sent upon those who worship the beast.

From two to five thousands Christians are being put to death each day in China alone. There are 15,000,000+ in America who are recorded to go the same way. They (we) are marked.

"And power was given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them," Rev. 13:7.

When the United States Government was first organized it did not have enough power to raise taxes. Now it has more power than a king. Its power has been centralized since 1776. The plans for a future New World Order.

The ten horns on the Beast mean there will be ten kingdoms over which this beast will rule, Rev. 17:13. There are nine at this time.

After two and one-half years of study a committee of distinguished scholars has drawn up plans for a world republic. "A world government will come," says the chairman of the committee, "whether within five years or 50, without conflagration or after it."

The pope not only wants a one-world church but he has approved the idea of, and pulling for, a one-world government. Of course he believes the church and the government must be united.

There is also a religious organization with headquarters in Washington DC that has been formed to educate clergymen and churches as to the "need for a federal union of all democratic nations."

There will be a man that the devil will use. God said when people harden their hearts and seared their consciences they become as a natural brute beast. They get to the place they cannot tell right from wrong.

God tells us this man will be the seventh world ruler, Rev. 17:10. Nero Caesar was the sixth world's ruler. He was ruling when Revelation was written. The seventh world's ruler, or the next one, will be the last one; for there are only seven heads.

The "ten horns" mean this man will have the world divided into ten kingdoms, Rev. 17:9-12. This man will be taking orders from Satan.

One of the heads wounded to death will live again, Rev. 17:8; 13:3. This man will die and come alive, , or at least make people think so, in order to make the world think he is Christ. (Anti-Christ denies the resurrection of Jesus.) The Jews will accept him, the anti-christ! John 5:43.

Who will worship the Beast? God tells us very plainly who will worship the beast. ". . .and all (ALL) the world wondered after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon. . . and they worshipped the beast" Rev. 13:3,4.

God didn't say Russia wondered after the beast. He didn't say China. Did He say America was included? AMERICA WILL WORSHIP THE BEAST! AMERICA WILL WORSHIP THE DRAGON! Just as sure as America is part of the world. THE AMERICANS WILL WORSHIP THE DEVIL!

". . . and power was given him over ALL kindred's, and tongues, and nations" Rev. 13:7.

"And ALL that dwell upon the earth shall worship him. . . vs. 8. Does that say America will escape? As sure as America is part of the earth she will, not only serve, but WORSHIP, the world's Great Superman!

"And causeth ALL the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed," Rev. 13:12.

All who dwell in America will (not maybe) worship, bow to, and serve him. A school child knows what the word ALL means. ALL means YOU.

Now comes the interesting part, Rev. 13:15 says, ". . . as many as would NOT worship the image of the beast should be killed." You will be included. ALL AMERICANS! "And he causeth ALL, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hands, or in their foreheads," Rev. 13:16.

(There is at this time a micro-chip that is marking pets. It is placed under the animal's skin by a hypodermic needle. And has been advertised quite frequently on TV. The chip can hold up to 1,600 pages of information and CAN BE forced on to man at any given time.) THINK ABOUT IT!

God said the beast will rule tree and one-half years. ". . .and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months," Rev. 13:5.

There will be saints on the earth during the Great Tribulation. The anti-christ will make war with the saints, Rev. 13:7,10 and kill many of them, probably the most of them. But a few will be protected supernaturally, Rev. 13:7; 17:6;12:17.

The Beast (man) will have supernatural power of the devil. He will be impersonated by the devil's angel which will come out of the pit of hell.

He will have power to perform miracles, Rev. 12:13. He will do signs and wonders. IF POSSIBLE he will deceive the very elect, Mark 13:20-22. But for the elect's sake God will shorten the time, Matt. 24:22.

Many of these miracles may be illusions, or slight of hand tricks. For God says this man of sin will have power to do signs and LYING wonders-ALLDECEIVABLENESS- yes, people will actually be deceived because they love not the truth that they might be saved. They will receive strong delusions that they will believe a lie and be damned-who believe not the truth, II Thes. 2:9-12.

Because they refuse the true signs they will accept the false signs. Today God is sending forth His signs on the earth through miracles of healing, Acts 2:15-20. Some accept it and others mock as they did in the early church. It will happen to them as it did to Pharaoh. They will be destroyed because they choose the devil's signs instead of God's signs.

I John 4:1-4, God gives us the acid test. All the cults which deny that Jesus is the Christ have the spirit of anti-christ. They say Jesus was born out of wedlock. The movements that teach the virgin birth are of God. They have a burden for souls and teach holiness and a born-again experience.

One of these cults that deny the virgin birth of Christ teach healing. But they have no supernatural healing. They have natural healing; mind over matter-but no Bible miracles-no supernatural. Satan does not cast out Satan, Luke 1:11-23.

The miracles that the anti-christ will work will be to cause fire to come from heaven and to destroy men's lives, Rev. 13:13, (perhaps the H-Bomb). The devil only comes to kill, steal and destroy, John 10;10.

The beast will give life to an image, Rev. 13:5, causing it to talk. In this way the devil will actually put demons in the image. They have now accepted an IMAGE; a six foot bronze statue from Greece. Could that be the same IMAGE they will force you to worship every time you see it on TV and hear it speak? Rev. 13:15. The communist-infested, anti-christ designed U.N. would not accept the real Christ.

Daniel refused to worship the image because he had prayed times each day BEFORE HAND, and there was no fault in concerning him and his God.

America is headed for a fall over night. Unless she repents her days are numbered. I believe in being loyal to the government, school, churches, and homes until they defy God's laws and interfere with our worshipping God. When we must have to take our choice, and we will, we must choose to be loyal to God.

What are we going to do when our family is crying for bread? And baby has no milk in it's stomach. Our hunger pains are gnawing at us? When we need clothing, gas, lights, and etc? If we cannot overcome these little things now. . . we cannot overcome the larger ones.

I am looking for the hole in the sky rather than a hole in the ground; the real Christ instead of the anti-christ. But we would all be fools not to be prepared, or warn others of what is about to come on this earth.

Jesus will return. No one knows the hour nor the day. As God's children were oppressed by the government and cried for a deliverer in Egypt so will we be oppressed in these last days and cry for a deliverer. The cry is going to bring our Deliverer, James 5:4. It will happen when it gets so bad. The Holy Ghost will groan for the redemption, Romans 8:23.

O'Lord please deliver every soul that reads these lines. In Jesus' Name. Amen.