James said that we would receive the early and the latter rain in the last day revival. Ezekiel said that every dry bone would come together as the wind blew on them. They shall become an exceeding great army!! Daniel said that in the time of the end the people of God would be strong and do exploits. Just before the sun is turned into darkness and the moon is turned into blood, the Spirit of God will be poured out upon ALL flesh. All flesh means just what it says, all nationalities, all denominations, male and female, and all ages from youngsters to elders. In the last days women and children will prophesy. This is to take place just before the moon is turned into blood and the sun turned into darkness, Acts 2:15-20. In this generation we have seen the women with heavy anointing of the Spirit of God. They have won thousands of souls. In this generation we have seen boys and girls, sometimes six and eight years of age, preaching and winning souls. This is scriptural and points to His soon return! The gifts of the Spirit are being restored. At the same time that God is pouring out of His Spirit and sending this gift ministry and the last day message over the face of this earth, the powers of darkness are also increasing. At the same time that there is a revival of the gifts of the Spirit there is a revival of demon forces of opposition. God's Word says that in the last day there will be a great falling away. Actually the members are increasing in many churches, but many of them only have a form of godliness. They are against the supernatural power of God, II Tim.3:5. They despise those who are good. The love of many is waxing cold, Matt.24:12. In our time they have removed the altar benches, discarded the the born again experience. They sign a card, fill out a financial report of what the member is worth, shake hands with the preacher and pretend to be save. GOD HAVE MERCY on the souls who have been led astray!