There was a meeting were all the people were clapping their hands
for joy, according to Psalms 47:1. Everybody was clapping their
hands except one man. This one man came forward and said, as he
held out his stub. "I wish I could clap my hands, but I lost one
of them in the Korean War. I am willing to do what I can for the
Lord, so that's why I have been taking this song book and hitting
my leg with it, while the people clap their hands."
Look at your hands. Are you glad that you have hands? Are you
willing to use your hands for the Lord? The first Commandment is
to love the Lord thy  with all thy heart, and all thy mind,
and all thy soul and all thy strength.
There is no use in your trying to keep the rest of the Commandments
if you don't keep the first one, Mark 12:30. It is the greatest one
of all the Commandments. The greatest sin in the world is to break
the greatest Commandment.
At one time He sought for a man and could not find one. he could
not find a man who was willing to stand in the gap and make up the
hedge, Ezek. 22:30. Another time, as  was seeking for a man to
lead His people out of bondage, He found one. He only found one
man down in the country of Midian, on the back side of the desert.
's people had cried unto Him because of their oppression of
Satan's man.  always hears the cries of His people when they
are in trouble. (Praise !)
Moses was like many of us today who are willing to work for the
Lord, but he thought he couldn't. He was only a fugitive boy who
had run away from the King, who was seeking his life. He had no
reputation, fame, fortune or talent. He could not speak plainly,
Exodus 4:16. He had no eloquence of speech, Exodus 4:10. Yet the
Lord was seeking for a man - not a rich man, not a great man or a
man with fame, but a man who would believe in the supernatural power
of .
So  attracted Moses' attention with a miracle, a "Burning Bush"
on the back side of the desert. That bush was not consumed.  usually
attracts our attention with a miracle. If you are afraid that you are
about to be consumed by the toils of the day, get on fire with
the supernatural. You can burn all day, but you will not burn up.
The Lord told Moses His intentions, His secrets are with those that
fear Him, Ps. 25:14.
Moses said he was willing to go if...if  would go with him. He said
he was willing to go, but he couldn't go. That is a good quality.
Everyone who is called of the Lord to a real supernatural ministry
feels their inability. If you think you can't, you probably can. If
you think you can, most of the time you can't. If you think you
can't, then you can be used by 's power.
Everyone who is called of  knows he can't do it within himself.
Moses knew there was not one thing he could do. At one time he said,
in effect, "Look who I am!" With his own power he fled from Pharaoh
at one time. How could he lead two million people out of bondage of
the wicked king and with all his armies.
About the time Moses seen his inability,  said, "What is that in
your hand?" It was just a rod, just a shepherd's crook. It was used
to herd sheep, not to fight a battle against a great nation. But wait!
A rod? Just 's power is enough. A rod with 's miracle could
create serpents, turn water into blood, and bring down judgment on
a wicked nation of unbelievers. It could convince the gainsayers of
signs and wonders. They could set the oppressed people free.  and
a rod can do great things, if He has a man that is willing---if He has
a man that is consecrated, who will never doubt His miracles.
You may be asking, "Who am I?" You may feel your smallness. That is the
way  wants you to feel. He can't use you any other way. Anything is small
compared to the Almighty,  and one is a majority.
Whatever is in your hand, give it to , with your mind, soul, heart,
strength behind it. Give Him your all.
In other words, you may not have much, but give Him whatever is in your
hand. For He can only use a man or woman who yields their all into His
hands, holding back nothing. Give Him what is in your hands; yield yourself
under His command, to His service.
Some people picture Samson as a big-boned man with large muscles. The Lord
does not delight in the natural strength of a man. It is not by power, or
by might, but by the Spirit of the Lord.  takes the weak to confound
the mighty.
Samson was a common man, yielded, and dedicated to . When  left him, he
had no power of his own. The power he used was divine power. He used faith
in , which  had given him. He gave his all to the Lord.  MUST HAVE
THE GLORY! Man shall not have the honour.
What did Samson have in his hand? Nothing! He gave his all to  and slew a
lion with his bare hands.
One time he only had a jawbone of a donkey. that is near nothing as you can have.
He had faith. He gave his heart and soul to . He was willing to do what he
could. As he yielded that bone to , he put a whole army to flight. He took
dominion over the enemy and judged the nation twenty years. He came to the end
of his own strength and walked out in 's strength.
We must do the same.
It takes more courage to live for  than to die for Him.
The hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world.
If you stumble over hypocrites you are on the same road they are.
Mark 12:29-31
29   And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel;
The Lord our  is one Lord:
30   And thou shalt love the Lord thy  with all thy heart, and with all thy soul,
and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.
31   And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
There is none other commandment greater than these.
 We are in the recruiting business for . He is calling up His army. If you have
been called, this website or on line
are the places to start enlisting.
Ministers for Christ Assembly of Churches
In His service,
Dr. J. Gardner
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