("So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God." Romans 8:8)

FEBRUARY 15 1998

A natural man cannot receive the things of the Lord, I Cor. 2:14. He that is in the flesh cannot please God, Rom. 8:8. God is seeking people to worship Him in the Spirit, John 4:23. You cannot worship the Lord unless you are in the Spirit.

Moses almost missed it. He looked at the burning bush. He could not reason it out in his own mind; so he passed on by. The next day as he looked at the bush on fire, and it was not consumed, he decided that God was in that bush. His attention was drawn to the work of God. He got in the Spirit. Soon he left the forty sheep on the back side of the desert. Soon he was bringing freedom to millions of God's people. It was all because he got out of the natural into the supernatural.

Many ministers stand back today and try to reason out the plan of God in their finite minds. They are still with a little group of people out in a desert. They have not heard the voice of God because they are bound by tradition of the elders that makes the Word of God of none effect in their lives.

Moses started out in the natural and was a failure. Forty years later he got out of the natural into the supernatural and became a great minister of deliverance.

Hezekiah was incurable. God said that he must die. The man of God brought him the message. He could have been too busy. He could have asked the advice of the cold clergymen of his day and missed the blessing. He could have prayed a dry, formal prayer and said, "If it be thy holy will, heal me."

Hezekiah entered in. He worshipped. Supernatural faith began to work. The Lord heard his prayers and saw his tears. The Lord added fifteen years to his life. It was all because the king broke loose from the natural plane and got into the supernatural level.

We are healed by grace and not by race. A six year old child can lead a service as well as many preachers. Some schools try to run everyone through the same "cookie cutter." Their preachers are like bologna coming out of a packing house. They are shaped just alike and stuffed with the same thing. With God there are diversities of operations.

One time God healed with mud, and another time with the River Jordon, another time with a shadow, another time with aprons, handkerchiefs, stretching forth a hand, another time with spit, and another with carrying a bed. They had no Scripture for it, but it worked anyway. We must get into the Spirit and get out of the natural, orthodox way that men rely on. God must get the glory!

God worked with them, confirming the Word with signs following. The reason God worked with them was they worked with God.

When preachers make a note book they are preparing for a dry time. According to their faith be it unto them. If they would tear up all their note books and lay on top of the house and pray as did Peter, signs would follow their ministry. The Holy Ghost will bring all things to their remembrance and guide us into all truth, John 14:26.

We must get out of self. Watch an eagle. He flops his wings very little. Maybe he will make two or three strokes with his wings. Then he finds a wind somewhere. He goes with the air stream. He rides the wind. He sails.

The way of a transgressor is hard. It is hard when we go against the Spirit. The Spirit is likened to the wind. The Lord likens us to an eagle, Deut. 32:11. The eagle waits until the right time to fly. Then he flies in the right direction. If we wait upon the Lord we will mount up with wings as an eagle. We will run and not be weary. We will walk and not faint, Isaiah 40:31.

Nebuchadnezzar missed it a million miles. He saw the Son of God walking around in that fiery furnace with the Hebrew children. He was in the natural. He was carnal. He made a decision. He saw a miracle but did not acknowledge it. He saw God in action and did not confess Him.

He did as many people do today. He missed God. He said, "I know someone is there. It looks like the "Son of God'." Right there he missed the chance of his life time. His pride caused him to judge in the natural. In a few days his pride grew until he took the praise for himself. He said that he had built that kingdom himself, Daniel 4:30. In a few days his mind left him. He was driven out in the fields with the cattle. His nails grew out like bird claws. He was out in the dew and weather for seven years. That is why good men are lost. They don't know the day of their visitation. They become possessed with the devil because they do not acknowledge the Spirit of God and get out of the natural into the supernatural Spirit of God, where there is protection.

The cold cruel educated clergyman missed it a million miles. They are looking for Jesus in the creeds and theology of their day. They were too reserved to get into the Spirit. They stayed in the natural and tried to reason things out. They wanted the people to be a little more quiet and not make so much about their worship service. Jesus told them if these people held their peace the stone would cry out...

Dr. J. Gardner