Keep Cool:
The Lord can help us to be calm when pressue is put on us -
we can relax in the middle of the storm. He can help us to
be still and know that He is God. We can help ourselves if
we do not run ahead of the Lord, and take our case into our
own hands. We can read the Scriptures that tell us that He
is with us alway even unto the end of the world. We can
believe that Scripture and act on it in an emergency. If
we believe that, we will not do anything harshly.
Don't Chicken:
A chicken is one who breaks under pressure. He can't resist.
He yields to every temptation. He panics when temptation comes
along. He has the least resistance and yields to sin. He
is not interested in being a useful citizen.
In your patience you keep possession of your soul. Your
soul is worth more than all the world. What have you
gained if you chicken - and lose your soul?
Had Moses panicked when Pharaoh overtook him, he would
have jumped into the Red Sea. Instead he was calm. He
put out a calm hand and divided the Red Sea. The same
sea buried his enemies. be still, be calm, and don't
"chicken". God will turn your opposition to a blessing.
Be Anxious For Nothing:
Too many people are over-anxious. This throws their
digestive system out of order. Their stomach does not
function. This affects their heart. Their heart may
affect their blood. Their blood may affect any part of
their body. The man who is calm, cool, and content is
his thoughts is a man who is relaxed. A relaxed man is
a strong man.
In any kind of trouble, be still and know that he is God.
Your faith will cure the jitters in the storm.
Worry Makes It Worse:
Things are bad enough without worrying about them. Too
many people make things worse instead of helping out.
If you lose your calm spirit, you lose your brain.
An unseen source can take hold of your spirit. Practice
patience. You can be patient. God says you can.
Commit your ways unto the Lord and your thoughts will
be established.

Be Strong and of a Good Courage:
The disciples were troubled. They were full of fear.
Jesus says to all, "Let not your heart be troubled."
Yet millions of people have heart trouble. It is rapidly
becoming one of the nation's number one killers. He says
that in the last days men's hearts will be failing them
because of fear of the things that will come upon the earth.
That is how fear affects men's hearts. To us, Jesus says,
"When you see these things begin to pass, look up and
rejoice because your redemption draweth nigh."
If you panic, your heart will fail. He is now saying unto
you, "Be of good cheer." Cheer will cure all heart trouble.
"Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give
thee desires of thine heart." (Ps. 37:4) Since He commands
you to do it; then you can do it.
When Jesus told Peter to come to Him on the water, He
did not command the impossible. Peter walked on the water,
Matt. 14:29.
Yes, he panicked. He traded cheer for fear because he looked
at the waves instead of the Master. He looked at the water
instead of the Man who made the water. He believed the
outward, natural symptoms instead of the Word that created
the sea. Peter was beginning to sink. He did not sink.
He looked back to Jesus. He reached for the hand that
controlled all circumstances.
Immediately Jesus reached out His hand. He gently told Peter
that he traded his cheer for fear. Then Peter immediately
traded back. He cheered up and walked.

If you cheer up, you will reach out your hand, and He will
reach out His hand. Take your eyes off the circustances.
Cast your fears aside. 'Though the storms are on every side,
they do not need to be on the inside. The you will hear His
voice, "Peace, be still." You will see that behind the cloud,
the "Son" still shines.
Don't Be Like Jonah and Jump Overboard:
One time Jonah disobeyed the Lord. God told him to go
east and he went due west. He was a disobedient prophet.
The storms came; the wind blew; the thunder crashed; the
lightning flashed! He did not need to jump overboard. He
could have made things right. He could have turned and
gone the other way. The storms would have ceased. He was
too stubborn He would have rather died than obey God.
He persuaded some men to throw him over board. He soon found
himself in the bottom of the sea - in the whale's belly; all
because he panicked in the storm.
After he was in the whale's stomach, he was willing to make
things right. He could have made things right before all this
trouble came. He should have kept a level head and remained calm.
You do not need to jump overboard in a storm. You can turn to
the One who said, "Peace be still."
As long as there is life there is hope.
Calming the Storm:
A ship that is in the water does not need water in the ship.
If we are in the world, the world need not be in us. We may be
in the storm, but if the storm gets in us, we can't be calm
and relaxed.
In Mark 4,  Several men stared to cross the Sea of Galilee on
a little ship. A storm overtook them. Before they started to
across, the One who knows had said, "Let us pass over unto
the other side."
He did not say, "We are going to the bottom of the sea and
drown." He did not say, "we are going under." He said, "We are
are going over." The Master of the 'blue galilee' did not
panic when the storm came. He had the assurance before He
started on this journey. He was calm; He was cool; He was
resting His head on a pillow where He was asleep.
The disciples panicked. It was because they did not believe
what was said. When Jesus told them that they were going over
to the other side, they did not believe Him.
They said they were going to perish. Jesus said that they
were going over. Jesus arose in the midst of the storm and
said, "Peace be still." There was a great calm. The storm
was over. The Tempest ceased.
A calm man or woman is a strong man or woman. The disciples
were ready to jump overboard; the storm was in them. All of
us go through the storm sometime, but Jesus is in our ship.
Jesus said, "How is it that you have no faith?"

If you panic, you are in danger.
Storms, tempest, and opposition will come your way. But you
can hear Him say, "Lo, I am with you alway; even to the end
of the world." He will say, "I will never, never, leave thee,
and I will never, never, never, forsake thee."
Trust in the Lord and do good. In quietness and confidence
shall be your strength. "Take heed, and be quiet. Fear not.
Neither be faint-hearted." Isaiah 7:4

Keep Courage:
Courage is faith in yourself. If you have faith in the Lord;
then you must have believe that you are what God says you are.
You must say what God says. He that is of God speaks God's Words.
If you say what He says, you will say, "I can do all things
through Christ which strengtheneth me."
There will be a time in these last days that you will need to
remember this.
God told Joshua to be strong and have good courage. He told him
not to be dismayed or afraid, for the Lord was with him wherever
he went.
Courage is more powerful than a gun.
If the Spirit guides us, we will be calm in the middle of a storm.
The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. We can be guided if
we remain calm. If we are full of fear, we will not be led into
the right path. Our guidance comes by faith. Fear is the opposite
of faith.
Faith walks without fear and runs with confidence.
It is better for the world to oppose us than to ignore us.
Even if you are on the right track, you may be run over if you sit down.
 We are in the recruiting business for God. He is calling up His army. If you have
been called, this website or on line
are the places to start enlisting.
Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy
God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee,  Deuteronomy 31:6 KJV
Ministers for Christ Assembly of Churches
In His service,
Dr. J. Gardner
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