This will be a four part sermon, covering a large area from the beginning of races to the coming of Christ, the Book of Daniel, and where it stands today.


Right now we have men over the world who are trying to build another "Tower of Babel." They are trying to build a name for themselves. We are living in the time when the ten kingdoms (the ten toes) are being formed under one world ruler.
The communists are antichrist in spirit. They don't believe in God.
The communists drew diagrams a few years ago that showed how they would climb to heaven and dethrone God. They declared that they would chase Him off His throne. They are trying to build to heaven. They are trying to take possession of the moon and sell real estate there. Like Satan they are saying, "I will ascend above the stars."
The communists have people going across the world preaching the "one world" doctrine.
A communist wrote the United Nations Charter.
A communist was the first secretary of the United Nations.
We now have a world government that can raise taxes and take our boys to war without the consent of congress.
We now have a world government that has it's own army.
We now have a world government that can tell every nation just how far to go in war. Their armies can go so far and no farther.
God divided the people into races. The "Modern Tower of Babel" say that soon all the world be one people, that they will share in money, atoms, and food!
The world is getting so close together that we will all have the same language. We will be mixed so that we will all be citizens of one world.
That is the spirit of all the "one worlders," these globe trotting socialists, who want to build above the stars and bring in a thousand years of peace without the Prince of Peace.

The Iron and the clay: ". . . but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay." Daniel 2:43.
Since God planned it differently the United Nations Organization is finding it quite difficult to bring all the nations together into one. They are having trouble with Christians and Buddists. They find it hard to mix Modernists and Fundamentalists. Capital and labor won't mix together so as to have one purse. It is hard to mix socialism and democracy. They don't know how they are going to melt Protestants and Catholics together, although many of them are advocating just this!
The "one worlders" are hard at work, trying to get all denominations together into one world church, they will deny the power of God and teach being loyal to the one world government.
They are busy trying to mix the races together, so there will be no races. They have a great problem there. They are even trying to do it at the point of guns and bayonets.

Make disciples of all nations: Even in the Old Testament times God saved one nation, but any nationality could be proselyted into that nation. People of any nation could come over and be circumcised and become a Jew.

In our time we are commanded to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. "Go ye therefore and teach all nations. . . Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even to the end of the world" Matthew 28:19.
We do that! We send men and women to the uttermost parts of the world to be witnesses for the Lord, Acts 1:8. We perceive that God is no respector of persons.
"But in every nation he that feareth Him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him." Acts 10:35.

Everybody is equal in the sight of God. One race is as precious in His sight as another. Everyone who is saved must accept Jesus Christ as Lord. We are born into a holy nation by a spiritual birth. Then we are circumsized at heart, which makes us a true Jew.

I worship with all nationalities. I teach that God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh in the last days. He is doing it now.
Race prejudice is the cause of most wars. It is of the devil. It separates people from one another in our nation, state, city, country, and church. The Scriptures says, ". . .Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." In heaven there will be all races in one big family. If you don't like that, you won't like heaven. Jesus spent His time ministering to all people regardless of their race or denomination.

It is hard for some people to see this truth: There are people who are carnal. They have racial feelings born and bred in them. They quit one church and move to another where they can be away from other races. They have a Pharisee spirit. They think they are better than other people.
"And He spake this parable unto certain which trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and despised others.
I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other: for every one that exalted himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted." Luke 18:9, 14.
Stephen was stoned to death because he believed and practiced this. He preached a long sermon, telling people that the Lord could bless people outside the temple.
The Lord gave Peter a vision of a sheet let down from heaven. This vision meant that all people are equal, and we must not call anyone common or unclean.
The blood of Jesus Christ makes us all one size. We are the called out ones, the royal priesthood, the holy nation. We are no longer Jew or Gentile, Methodist, or Baptist; American or Chinese. We are all in one big family together.

Jesus healed the Samaritan man. He saved a woman in Samaria. He cast the devil out of the daughter of the woman in Canaan. The Jews became jealous. They put Jesus to death.
If you don't love your brother you have seen how can you love God whom you have not seen?
"But if you have respect of persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors." James 2:9.
The Lord has an ecumenical movement. He said in the last days He would pour out His Spirit on all flesh, Acts 2:15. That is exactly what He id doing.
When Peter went and preached the gospel to the Gentiles at the household of Cornelius, the church officials brought him on the carpet for doing so. He said, "The Spirit bade me to go." Acts 11:12.

No One Group Is The Body Of Christ: The body includes all races, colors, and all denominations. If your heart today is as my heart, you are my brother.
The body of Christ is composed of all the blood washed children of God from every country. The signs will follow those people who will take the gospel to all people everywhere.
The world is the field. Matthew 13:28. The earth is my pulpit. Jesus gave the great commission. Look at the times He says "Whosoever will let him come."
Some so called churches will take your papers, and not let you preach if you preach to anyone except their group.
"And He said unto them, Go ye into the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15.

The devil has anecumenical movement. He takes in all people, whether they are born of God or not. That movement is not spiritual. There was a pastor praying for President Reagon after he was shot. He prayed for all the secret service men who were shot.
Then he said, "Lord, we won't forget to pray for the boy who shot them. He is one of your children also."
Paul would have called that murderer a "child of the devil." Acts 13:10.
The world will take an antichrist group. There are millions of people that don't believe that Jesus was born of a virgin.
The Word of God tells us not to bid them God speed, or we will be partakers of their deeds. II John 11. We must not eat with them or allow them into our house.
The World Church Will Embrace The Jews: The antichrist could not fool anyone unless he was a Jew.
Jesus said another will come in his own name. Him you will accept. John 5:43.
There will be false christs doing signs and wonders, even bringing fire down from heaven. Rev. 13.
"Even him whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders." II Thess. 2:9.
When the world government and the world church come together, they will be behind the antichrist with his supernatural powers. They will march to Armageddon.
It is good to bring all races together under Christ if they are Spirit filled.
Satan wants to bring all races together in a world church and world government, without them being filled with God's Spirit. They will be filled with Satan's spirit. They will march against Christ. It is starting now!

Dr. J. Gardner

~ To be continued ~
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