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Rejected by two worlds, heaven and earth, Jesus is cast out by both and hangs between the two. Amid the darkness and cataclysmic disturbance, our suffering Christ hangs. With cruel spikes through His feet, with blood dripping and with His strength ebbing away, He looked through the gloom. As the record says, "When Jesus therefore saw. . ." John 19:26. Let us give sincere and solemn consideration to the things which He saw.

THE BACKWARD LOOK: Looking back He saw the universe of His own creation swallowed in sin and in sickness. He saw that mankind by his own will, neglected God's Word and instructions, had plunged into death. He saw men under a cruel curse. He saw the innumerable sacrifices offered by the priests on the altars, which could never take away the sins of the world. He saw the law that had been given to Moses on the Mount Sinai. He also saw how man had been unable to keep that law. Jesus saw Job and all the afflictions he had come up against. He heard Job's pleading cry for deliverance, and listened to his pertinent question, "If a man die shall he live again?" Jesus remembers that Abraham rejoiced to see His day and he saw it and was glad. Looking back from the cross, Jesus saw the tears of the old prophets and listened to the call of their bold prophecies concerning the impending doom that was to befall a disobedient and gainsaying nation, whose only desire was to confirm to the heathen nations around about them. Then Jesus saw how in His own Ministry, multitudes had been recipients of His glorious power and benefits of salvation and healing. Other rejected Him. He had been denied and betrayed and talk of stoning Him. His close followers had become scattered as sheep having no shepherd.

THE DOWNWARD LOOK: From where Jesus hung He saw the tell-tale marks of sin and dissipation and scorn on the faces of the soldiers as they gambled for His garments. He saw Judas as he lay yonder in the forest with his neck broken by hanging, and his bowels gushed out by his fall to the earth. I believe somewhere Jesus saw Peter weeping bitterly. He noticed the beads of perspiration on the brow of the Roman Centurion as he shouts, "Truly this was the Son of God." The heart of Jesus is moved as He sees the tear-stained faces and swollen eyes of His mother, who stood at the foot of the cross. Looking beyond this, He sees Satan and his forces as they make preparation for an unholy jubilee to celebrate their apparent triumph.

THE OUTWARD LOOK: On one side Jesus sees an unrepented thief, and listens to him as he, like so many others, goes from this world hissing, cursing, and blaspheming, notwithstanding the fact that the greedy mouth of hell is yawning for him. On the other side Jesus sees a trembling repented thief and hears his heart beseeching cry for mercy.

THE UPWARD LOOK: Jesus looks up through the storm to the throne. There He sees angels as their heads are bowed in weeping. Some perhaps are seeking permission from the Father to decend an annihilate the persecutors of our Lord. Then the saddest sight of all is when Jesus sees His Father with His face turned away from the scene. Now we come to the most joyful look of all. .

THE FORWARD LOOK: Jesus sees a great army on the move. They will go forward in spite of persecutions, threats, whippings, and jail sentences, and set the world on fire that the devil will never be able to quench. He sees people who will pray, fast, and wrestle until the answer comes. He sees men who will not become satisfied with watered down services. He sees men as they tarry and wait before God; then ride thunderbolts around the earth in jet planes. He hears them shout and preach and intercede until teaming millions slip out of the devil's hand into the kingdom of God. Jesus watches these spiritual giants as they refused to be stopped or turned aside by the scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites and malicious persecution until the gospel of deliverance has circled the globe.

Then, my friend. . .He looked down through the future and saw you when you were hopeless and helpless. He saw you hunger and sent someone along to tell you the good news. He saw you as you turned in your to Him in tears of repentance. He saw you as you were transformed from darkness into light. And He saw how hell was throwed into a panic and heaven into a picnic. Yes, Jesus saw YOU and ME from the cross!



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